Is WordPress a Web CMS?

March 4, 2010

Twitter has been alive with discussions about whether WordPress is a Web CMS thanks to Dirk Shaw’s comment.

WordPress has also been added to the CMSWatch’s Web Content Management Research Channel. Does that make it a Web CMS?

The problem with such a statement is that it is very subjective. Some people think it is and some don’t, neither are wrong, but can they both be right?

Most of our clients have a website (or two) running on WordPress which is typically designed, developed and supported by a local web Agency, such deployments are sometimes rushed in to meet a tight deadline as there is a bottleneck to migrate the site designs onto the client’s primary CMS. As such WordPress is very commonly used, but only as part of suite of products delivering the client’s online communications, however we rarely see clients running their main site on WordPress.

I have to agree with Tony Byrne that if you are using it as a CMS then it is a CMS. WordPress has rightly earned it’s place as the #1 Open Source CMS (in terms of popularity), and we shouldn’t take that away from it.