So the results of the Web Application Survey are now out. With only 65 quality responses it had @ryancarson and everyone else at fowa thinking…

1. why is nobody publishing this info?
2. why don’t people trust this info to techcrunch?
3. Are people not launching web apps?

Well clearly people are launching webapps and the market for web apps must be in the billions. Figures are readily available for the size of the online advertising market and reports abound about how online advertising spend has now overtaken TV in the UK. However what I would like to see are figures for the CMS market i.e. :
1. cms software license purchases (including support and upgrades)
2. cms services (including marketing, discovery, design & development)

The CMS vendors and agencies do publish their revenues, but do they split the cost of services versus revenue, do agencies and system integrators split their revenue based on CMS revenue compared to say bespoke builds?

A quick sum of the top100 agencies (sorry registration is required) gives us around £1 billion, but how of this is attributed to CMS, and what about the thousands of smaller agencies and one man bands not included in these figures?

What about Open source CMS service revenues?

Do you know the size of the UK CMS market? Is it growing or shrinking ? What is the change over the last year ? Any pointers would be welcome ! 🙂